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Unlocking Real Estate Investment Potential for Teens

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Many of us harbor regrets about not delving into real estate investment sooner. Yet, when broaching the subject with young minds—a privilege I have as a high school teacher—the prevailing sentiment often leans towards the belief that real estate investment is a pursuit reserved for the more seasoned. However, this notion couldn’t be further from the truth.

How to Invest Before You Turn 21

Contrary to popular belief, investing in real estate before reaching legal drinking age is entirely feasible. I’ll detail a plan I coined “REI Before a Mai Tai,” outlining four pivotal steps for youths to position themselves to acquire their inaugural investment property before they can savor the sweetness of a Mai Tai.

Step 1: Secure Employment

The foremost hurdle for budding real estate investors is securing steady employment—a prerequisite for mortgage qualification. Fortunately, meeting this criterion is more attainable than perceived. A consistent work history in a W-2 job suffices, signaling to lenders the applicant’s capacity for sustained mortgage payments.

Action: Secure a W-2 job at age 18, paving the path towards financial independence.

Step 2: Cultivate Creditworthiness

Building a robust credit score and history is paramount in the eyes of lenders. While daunting, this task is surmountable through responsible credit card usage. Starting with a secured credit card at 18, transitioning to an unsecured card at 19, and finally, obtaining a retail card by 19.5 ensures a solid credit foundation by age 21.

Action: Cultivate creditworthiness through prudent credit card management, ensuring timely payments and responsible utilization.

Step 3: Accumulate Savings

Acquiring cold hard cash for the property’s down payment is the next imperative. Embracing the strategy of house hacking, saving 5% of the purchase price over three years proves a prudent approach. A blend of diligent savings from employment and potential side hustles paves the way for financial sufficiency.

Action: Prioritize savings, aiming to accumulate the requisite down payment by age 21.

Step 4: Embrace Education

Before embarking on their investment journey, youths must arm themselves with knowledge. From voracious reading to seeking mentorship, immersing oneself in real estate education equips them with the acumen to navigate the dynamic market landscape effectively.

Action: Commit to continuous learning through various mediums, laying the groundwork for informed investment decisions.

The “REI Before a Mai Tai” plan delineates a tangible roadmap for teenagers to venture into real estate investment territory before reaching legal drinking age. While the path may seem arduous, with determination and guidance, it’s undoubtedly achievable. As the ethos of financial independence and real estate empowerment gains traction, the prospect of young investors realizing their aspirations becomes increasingly plausible.

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